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mark landis“This is an amazing resource. I have been a senior member of the wall street community for 30+ years, having run huge research and trading teams departments. In one place you could outsource the entire wall street community. Awesome.” Mark Landis, Managing Partner at Wavelength Capital Management

kathryn cicoletti

“That freelancers tab just changed my life!!!!”
Kathryn Cicoletti, Founder of Ms. Cheat Sheet

bobby hoyt blogger

“I originally advertised my coaching services on my own website, but wasn’t getting much traction at all. Right after I was added to the Blogging Coach page here I’ve been consistently getting new clients EVERY week! Killer resource for online entrepreneurs.”
Bobby Hoyt, MillennialMoneyMan.com

ashley gainer

“The Directory has been a game-changer for me. The clients who have found me here and hired me for my freelancing services are some of my very favorites. I’ll never leave!”
Ashley, AshleyGainer.com

staci kou

“If you google “Blog Coach,” or “Pinterest help,” you will get thousands of results, with no way of knowing who is legitimate and who’s not. This has now become my first stop, and I couldn’t have kick-started my blog without it. Thank you for making outsourcing less daunting, J$!” – Staci Kou, Streamline365.com

toni perrien husbands

“This directory is fantabulous! Thank you so much. I found a source who responded within an hour and I finished my project ahead of schedule. Whoo hoo! #ProcrastinatorsFriend”
Toni Perrien Husbands, DebtFreeDivas.org

Michael Kitces
“This is such an amazing resource you’re building Jay! Thank you!” Michael Kitces, Publisher of Kitces.com, Co-Founder of XY Planning Network, Partner at Pinnacle Advisory Group

jeffrey trull

“I’m regularly searching for talented personal finance writers, but they can be tough to find simply by browsing blogs or searching Google. With tons of writers in one place, the Directory has been a huge time saver while also allowing me to find the best writers for our blog.”
Jeffrey Trull, StudentLoanHero.com

jackie lam
“Shortly after I was added to the freelance writers page, I landed my first client and am very excited. Thanks a bunch!”Jackie Lam, Cheapsters.org

rosemarie groner

“I’m so excited about this! I have some hiring to do!”
Rosemarie Groner, BusyBudgeter.com